Policy Book

You can either view our 2021 Policy Book in pdf form here, or you can view each section here on the website by clicking through to the relevant section below.

  1. Justice: Climate & Social
  2. A Healthier Tomorrow
  3. Facing the Climate Disaster
  4. Your Right to a Safe, Warm Home
  5. Power to Young People
  6. Big changes for schools – led by those who know them best
  7. Work & Social Justice
  8. Justice
  9. Disability: Rights & Seeking Equity
  10. Saving British Democracy
  11. Getting You From A to B
  12. Business & Tax Reform
  13. Righting Historic Wrongs (and Working On Modern Ones Too)
  14. A New Defensive Focus


On June 29th of this year this Party will be one year old. In that year we have produced this, our first Policy Book, the precursor to next year’s planned first Manifesto.

This Policy Book represents the yearnings of those of the Left who have joined in with us so far; it represents some first steps towards the society we want to build together, and that this Party was founded to build. It does not yet contain everything we want it to; some steps are more complex and we are dedicated to taking our time and ensuring we get it right. You’ll just have to wait to read those policies – unless you participate in the forging of them, that is. And all are welcome to do so.

But we are not just a Party of Parliamentary & council politics. This Policy Book is produced at the same time as we prepare to launch our “Harmony Fund” for mutual aid. We hope to bring real change to communities soon – small impacts first, and then bigger as trust builds in the model.

I can’t wait.

John Urquhart, Party founding member