Policy: A New Defensive Focus

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We think that it is time to reorient the defensive forces to better meet non-traditional threats, such as the climate crisis and/or global water shortages. And we think that it is time that the armed forces were moved into the 21st century when it comes to safeguarding & mental healthcare.

As such we would commission a root & branch examination of training techniques and their impact on human psychology, with a view to reorganising training in the armed forces to ensure a humanitarian-first defensive organisation fit both for operational use & with ethical individual outcomes.

We believe in unilateral disarmament: after careful consultation to ensure minimal loss of available work for those impacted by the decision, we believe that Trident should ultimately be scrapped, given that NATO already provides ample nuclear defence and there is no actual “justifiable use scenario” for strategic nuclear weapons

we want to improve veteran care & enshrine in law a guarantee of provision of mental and physical health services on return to “civvie street”.

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