Policy: A Healthier Tomorrow

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We passionately believe in the NHS, and in socialised healthcare. As such we will bring dentistry, eye care, & all GP services fully under NHS control – bringing everything into the fold as it should have been all along.

And we will end the threat to the NHS that private healthcare providers pose by banning them, while allowing specialised private healthcare services to continue to ensure that marginalised communities, such as the disabled or trans communities, are not negatively impacted.

We will seek to implement largescale reforms to the NHS to improve community involvement in key decisions that impact those communities, establishing regional “health assemblies” to directly involve local people in local decisions.

We care about NHS staff, too, which is why we will end NHS staff car parking charges – and more besides.

We won’t just put 15% on the table: we’ll put the power to determine wages into the hands of NHS workers directly.

We’ll democratise pay across the public sector via a “top to bottom” linked pay scale system, with all public workers regularly voting on the maximum difference between highest & lowest paid.

We want to win the fight for doctors, nurses, porters, and all the rest – once and for all.

We will end NHS outsourcing wherever feasible, as rapidly as possible, because we want to take healthcare in-house, where accountability to the public is clear & transparency simpler to achieve.

We take the principal of internationalism seriously too: we will campaign for the beginnings of what could become a global health service.

This would initially be a kind of “international medical union”. It will enable the big national healthcare systems to join less well funded ones in ensuring lower prices for equipment & drugs – not just at home, but abroad too.

Our vision for healthcare is bold – at home and abroad.

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