Welcome - thank you for your interest in joining the Harmony Party.

Please note that due to COVID causing delays on establishing banking systems, we are temporarily unable to take payments for membership. If you wish to join the Party, please join the Discord and we'll get you involved regardless of money!

A green wooden door cozily nestles into green creeping foliage. The Harmony Party UK logo, a white swallow soaring on a red and black bisected circular background, is just above central on the door. Above it are the words "Welcome home" in purple, and above those words in the door is a small heart-shaped inset.

We don't have specific yearly or quarterly rates. You may pick your own - with a minimum of £2 per quarter or £8 per year.

The quarterly minimum is £2 for anti-fraud reasons, but if you will have trouble affording this, please email us here to arrange a private subscription. You can also come ask us about low income options on the Moot. Remember: we're open participation. Membership is optional!

The maximum amount for a single quarterly subscription is £100; no-one may donate (on top of subscription fees) more than £500 to the Party in a single year: we are a Party of small donations.

Flip for more info.

Please note that membership is only available to individual residents or citizens of the United Kingdom.

We will be adding news ways to pay your subs (IE directly by card) in the very near future. If you cannot pay via PayPal, please email us here to arrange a private subscription.

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