We're unlike any Political Party you are familiar with.

Harmony means consensus. We're led by our Members and Participants. We decide pretty much everything by discussion (and everything else by vote).

Harmony stands for the marginalised first and foremost.

General Positions

  • we place action on the climate disaster and action on inequality are at the top of our agenda.
  • we are a federation of open, transparent, direct democracies.
  • we are opposed to hate in all forms.
  • we steadfastly support the right to protest.
  • we stand up for trans rights: self-determination is a core human right. Trans rights are human rights.
  • we oppose social exclusion and apartheid - everywhere.
  • fire and rehire must be banned.


  • we will bring dentistry, eye care, & all GP services fully under NHS control
  • we will end the threat to the NHS that private healthcare providers pose by banning them, but allow specialised private healthcare services to continue
  • we will seek to reorganise the NHS to improve community involvement in key decisions that impact those communities
  • we will end NHS outsourcing wherever feasible, as rapidly as possible

Environment & Energy

  • we will legislate to prevent electricity being cut off when people cannot afford to pay
  • we will legislate to enable more utilisation of onshore wind
  • we will ban fracking
  • we will end mandatory pre-payment meters
  • we will phase out fossil fuel subsidies as rapidly as possible
  • we will legislate for an alternate day driving scheme for all non-hybrid fossil fuel powered vehicles by 2025, starting in cities, and then expanding nationwide by 2026
  • we will then ban all non-hybrid fossil fuel powered vehicles by 2028 (starting in cities, expanding nationwide by 2029)
  • we will ensure that small consumers of electricity pay less per unit than large ones
  • we will expand the provision of bicycle routes nationwide, and evaluate ways to better link bus and rail services together with cycling routes, as well as evaluating methods to enable cyclists to use those services with less disruption to other service users


  • alongside implementation of UBI, we plan to apply rent controls nationwide
  • we will legislate to encourage fair, democratic, cooperative or community ownership of homes; it will also be necessary to relax the law around the registration of mutuals and cooperatives generally to enable this
  • we will fight to increase the number of both permanent and temporary pitches for the GRT community, and seek to legislate to protect GRT rights in line with the recommendations of regional and national direct democratic participatory assemblies by and for GRT communities
  • we will legislate to improve legal protections for renters based on the input of renters unions such as Acorn
  • we will work hard on making the idea that "everyone should have a warm, safe place to shelter and call home" a reality
  • we will repeal the Vagrancy Act in full, decriminalising homelessness
  • we will establish a new national homelessness monitoring team, with regional subteams, intended to first create a full picture of homelessness in Britain, and, then via dual consultation with those teams and preexisting third sector knowledge, apply maximum leverage to end homelessness in Britain once and for all - with progressive social policies and provision of housing
  • we will create legislation to allow the State seizure of uninhabitable, uninhabited property, and fund the restoration of that property where appropriate for housing stock, coupled with tax benefits for landlords who avoid this outcome by carrying out works to ensure occupancy of their properties - or at least habitability thereof

Education & Children

  • we will end child labour: society should make whatever interventions are necessary to ensure that no adult or child with a disability is reliant to any extent for any number of hours per week on the care of a child of any age
  • we commit to reform of & commissioning of a special independent historic investigation of child social services, with a view to "breakout investigations" geared to restorative justice¬†where necessary for those individuals harmed by the unfair removal of children from families, eg for reasons of multigenerational poverty, ethnicity, culture, etc
  • we will legislate to end the arbitrary racist and classist removal of children from families on the basis of multigenerational socioeconomic strife, such as that suffered by Gypsy, Romany, and Traveler families for generations
  • we will implement universal free school meals
  • we will abolish private schools
  • we will end tuition fees: education is a necessity and a right, not a privilege
  • we will forgive student debt
  • we will completely reorganise the education system, led by the input of teachers and educators via either a national assembly or a series of regional assemblies
  • we will improve provision of education on marginalised communities, IE Black history, GRT history, LGBTQIA+ history, and also enshrining the importance of inclusion as a key value of the education system
  • we will seek to increase further/higher education attainment in the areas of STEM & healthcare as a matter of high priority
  • we will legislate to improve the rights of children to be heard


  • we will properly fund the justice system to ensure equal recourse to the law
  • we will legislate to make legal aid a universal right
  • we believe sex work must be decriminalised
  • we will consider decriminalisation of the possession and consumption of all currently illicit drugs (while planning to ensure provision of social services to support those negatively impacted by the consumption of those drugs) & make a final decision by inviting stakeholders, experts, and the general public into consultation via direct participatory democracy
  • we will order a case-by-case judicial review of "imprisonment for public protection" (IPP) inmates
  • re-evaluate the classist and ableist "ASBO" system
  • we will initiate a full investigation into the possibility of institutional racism leading to multi-generational seizure of children from GRT families, and develop policies intended to seek justice for any who may have been impacted by that institutional racism
  • we will set the age of criminal responsibility in England to be 16 years of age
  • we want to radically reform justice & policing in the UK, and are developing further policy in this area

Social Justice

  • we will implement a universal basic income
  • we will implement a national living wage, which, in combination with UBI, will ensure a good baseline standard of living for everyone
    alongside UBI we will still implement universal basic services - a network of state-funded socialised services intended to ensure that socially agreed-upon basic needs are always met
  • we will legislate to enshrine trans rights in British human rights law, as per the findings of a national direct democratic participatory assembly of trans people
  • we will end the hostile environment & force the declassification and release of all necessary documentary evidence to ensure the Windrush generation & all those impacted since can have justice
  • we will legislate to end all hostile architecture
  • we will end all legal requirements to seek work
  • we will remove State involvement from all unwaged work placements


  • we will implement a disability act, as per the findings of a national direct democratic participatory assembly of the disabled
  • we will implement a new national social care service to provide caring services free at the point of provision
  • we will nationalise Motability/mobility aid schemes & fold them into the new national social care service
  • we will scrap disability assessments
  • we will work to increase accessibility of bus and rail services, particularly provision of route info on transportation and at stops/stations, via a unified national app, and other measures to be developed in consultation with the public

Democracy & Electoral Reform

  • our advocacy assemblies provide an open platform for various marginalised communities to express their priorities and concerns, and lead party policy in areas that impact them directly
  • we provide an open democracy platform for local communities to have a clear say in policy affecting their region & we will work to amplify their voices in the national conversation
  • our radical approach as an open federation of assemblies will inject direct participatory democracy into the existing system, inherently improving the say of the general public in governance decisions
  • we think everyone's vote should count - which is why we support the implementation of proportional representation by the single transferable vote for general elections
    we will reduce the voting age to 16


  • we will "socialise" public transport - a form of nationalisation, but putting control into the hands of communities instead of central Government - by implementing regional and national expert executive management, with broad "policy direction" forged by ordinary people via direct, participatory democracy in regional "Public Transport Assemblies" (both regional and national). Control of the executives will be retained by communities via "recall" votes (available when the public judge the Public Transport Executives to have failed to follow policy direction) and control of pay by the participatory assembly governing transport policy, enabling the public to reward good performance as appropriate
  • we will "green" public transport as rapidly as possible as part of efforts to combat the climate disaster

Economy & Tax

  • we want to implement reforms to pay structures and workplace democracy. We think the public sector is an excellent place to prove the concept. Pay rises for the highest earners should result in pay rises for the lowest earners. Everyone in the public sector should get to regularly vote on the exact gap between highest and lowest
  • we think that to encourage media independence and plurality, current workers should collectively own 51% of each media outlet and should have the same democratised pay gap system as we propose for the public sector
  • we will establish a "small business assembly", attended by individuals, not the businesses themselves, to consult on the best way forwards on issues such as business rates, and to provide continuing democratic feedback from the small business community to the Government
    consider simplification of some tax systems
  • we will reduce the tax burden on middle and low income families in favour of increased tax burden on the wealthier
  • we will evaluate the viability of ending tax havens entirely versus phasing them out over a period of years, with public consultation

Foreign Policy & International Development

  • we will create an "Empire: Truth and Reconciliation" assembly, inviting persons from and with ancestral links to the wider Commonwealth to contribute to a tapestry of truth developed by the wider victims of the British Empire, to serve as the foundation of a full apology to all the victims of the British Empire through history - and to address the question of reparations; this would not be a single apology, but a sequence of apologies for all of the wrongs of Empire as identified by those most impacted by them
  • for initial budgeting, create a special commission to conduct a metastudy to investigate the best possible spend for the maximum return on mitigation of suffering, and then implement the recommendations of that commission
  • for subsequent foreign aid budgeting, consider banning lobbying for aid funds and implementation of a direct participatory national assembly for discussion of the best possible spend for the maximum return on mitigation of suffering


  • we think that it is time to reorient the defensive forces to better meet non-traditional threats, such as the climate crisis and/or global water shortages
  • we will undertake a root & branch examination of training techniques and their impact on human psychology, with a view to reorganising training in the armed forces to ensure a humanitarian-first defensive organisation
  • we believe in unilateral disarmament: after careful consultation to ensure minimal loss of available work for those impacted by the decision, we believe that Trident should ultimately be scrapped, given that NATO already provides ample nuclear defence and there is no actual "justifiable use scenario" for strategic nuclear weapons
  • we want to improve veteran care & enshrine in law a guarantee of provision of mental and physical health services on return to "civvie street"

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