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We will “socialise” public transport – a form of nationalisation, but putting control into the hands of communities instead of central Government – by implementing regional and national expert executive management, with broad “policy direction” forged by ordinary people via direct, participatory democracy in regional “Public Transport Assemblies” (both regional and national).

Control of the executives will be retained by communities via “recall” votes (available when the public judge the Public Transport Executives to have failed to follow policy direction) and control of pay by the participatory assembly governing transport policy, enabling the public to reward good performance as appropriate.

In short, the public will set the direction & the transport executive authorities will steer where told.

And public transport fares will vanish at the point of service.

We will further make intense efforts to “green” public transport as rapidly as possible as part of efforts to combat the climate disaster, replacing systems as rapidly as possible wherever that meets the goal.

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