Policy: Disability – Rights & Seeking Equity

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First and foremost we will be seeking to hear the policy devised by our disabled Members. And spearpointing that will be their work on creating a “disability act”, intended to meet the needs of the disabled community & provide disabled people with clearer rights than those laid out in the Equality Act.

But we also want to implement a new national social care service to provide caring services free at the point of provision for both disabled people and the elderly. This will enable us to raise the quality – and quantity – of care available.

We will nationalise Motability/mobility aid schemes & fold them into the new national social care service – because transport should be freely available to disabled people.

We will scrap disability assessments. We can trust the efforts of GPs and consultants and there is no real need to put disabled people through the hardship of repeated assessment in the first place.

We will work to increase accessibility of bus and rail services, particularly provision of route info on transportation and at stops/stations, via a unified national app, and other measures to be developed in consultation with disabled people.

And there’s a lot more policy in this area to be developed.

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