Frequently Asked Questions

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If you don't have leaders, who makes the decisions?

Everyone does. We're a direct democracy.

But there are layers to that. If you're interested in finding out exactly how this works, the best place to find out is this document in our Party Library, for now. It's a work in progress, so if there's anything you don't understand, just come ask on the Moot.

What are your goals?

Government, both local and national. We plan on standing candidates to the maximum of our financial capacity. We're not sure yet when we'll first field candidates - it'll likely be in local elections of some sort first - but we do plan on standing in every seat nationally in 2024 currently.

That number may reduce, depending on whether we end up in alliances with other Left-wing parties, and depending on financial capability.

The more people join in, the more likely it is that we'll hit our targets.

Who are you?

We are our Members.

We were founded by people who were tired of the tug-of-war across the Centre in the "broad church" that is the Labour Party. It was decided that a genuine Left-wing party was needed - and that Jeremy Corbyn had proved there was a thirst for policies out of the Left in this country, despite what many would have us believe.

We think the argument really was won, but the Labour Party itself prevented that win from translating into a Left-wing Government.

If Labour won't do it - we will.

Who funds you?

We're currently funded entirely by individuals.

Organisations can donate to the Harmony Party, but only with the explicit, directly-sought democratic permission of the Membership.

This means that we're funded entirely by Membership subs and small donations - as it stands, no individual may donate more than £500 per year to the Party.

We are a genuine "Party of small donations".

As an aside, we will never ask for payment from organisations that wish to affiliate with us, either, although the exact pathway for affiliation is still something that's being organised & discussed.

If you're socialist, why on earth are you registered as a company?

Legal and financial necessity. Starting a political party with just £40 isn't particularly easy, but we've achieved it - and we've already recouped that many times over, with money in the bank for future use.

What's more, we started during a pandemic: our options were limited to those that were actually doable at the time. That meant everything had to be doable at distance, over the Internet, or via phone. This was complicated, and some hard choices had to be made.

It is important to note that no funds have been spent at all yet: the Party currently operates much of its digital infrastructure via small donations each month from the founder, which will probably continue until a Treasurer is appointed by our Financial Working Group, and ethical oversight of funding is fully in place.

Incorporation itself is necessary because we need banking (for rather obvious reasons), and in the future, we may need to hire staff. As it stands, however, we are still an entirely voluntary organisation.

If need be, we can reincorporate later in a more pleasing form: our constitution can be adapted for that by the decision of our Membership. The Membership leads. The Party is simply their instrument.

Why does the Company House register say you're controlled by one director?

We have been asked this question a number of times but it is based on an incorrect understanding of the facts.

The Company House register lists us as having one director with sole liability. That is because we have not yet elected any of the other Party Officers; we're very new, and democracy, despite our best efforts, just isn't instantaneous!

Eventually, there will be a total of seven individuals who will be identified in our registration as "directors", but in effect they are simply day-to-day organisers for the Party. They will form a kind of day to day ops committee called the Secretarial Committee, which is constrained to act only within the obvious consensus of the Party.

This Committee, in cooperation with the Operational Working Group & the Financial Working Group, will also need to hire & fire staff in the future - another reason why we incorporated at all, as incorporation is necessary (in some format) for the Party as an organisation to enter into contracts.

If any Party Officer is found to act outside of consensus, they will be "recalled" and a new election will be held to replace them.

My question isn't here. How do I get it answered?

Easy - we'll answer happily on Twitter, on Facebook, or, even better, come ask us on our digital democracy portal, the Moot. We're always happy to talk about the Party!

You can also check out the Party Library, which contains documents such as our Constitution, notes on the Constitution, and a variety of articles on topics directly relating to the Party, Left-wing politics, anarchism, and socialism.