The Emergency Payment Fund

The Emergency Payment Fund is a UK-wide initiative to provide payments up to £20 at a time on a first come, first serve basis to anyone in need who requests them. We prioritise first request on a monthly basis; IE if you have already requested funds this month, someone who has not requested funds yet may receive their funds first.

For transparency, we are including our accounting spreadsheet below. Note that the spreadsheet is not currently automated, so may not indicate funding availability at all times.

You can apply to the Emergency Payment Fund by clicking here and filling out the form.

If you can afford to do so you can donate to the Fund here. Please only give as you can afford!

Please note that the Harmony Mutual Aid Fund pays all transaction fees incurred by operating this Fund. You can donate to the Mutual Aid Fund on our main donation page here.

Help us fundraise!

You can help us by sharing the donation link far and wide. We'll be sharing various ways you can help us raise money to help people via the Emergency Payment Fund in the coming weeks, but first up is social media. We've put together some graphics you can use that quickly explain the EPF and include a URL to donate or to this page. Please feel free to use these to fundraise for us! If you want to submit some ideas for more graphics - or, say, stickers - feel free to come join in with the work in the Mutual Aid Society on our Discord.