Secretarial Self-Nomination

Are you an organiser? Want to organise for one of our assemblies?

We are a federation of assemblies, and each assembly has a principal organiser called a “Secretary”.

The Secretaries are responsible for ensuring assembly communications function, for communicating needs to other assemblies that can help with those needs, for liaising with other assemblies & the Secretarial Committee (a special body of Secretaries), and chairing meetings.

The last one is pretty important: while chairing for their assembly the Secretary is expected to help participants find their way towards consensus. This might involve innovative use of informal polling, for example.

It’s really up to the individual Secretary – though the best methods will end up enshrined in Party processes by the ever-observant Operational Working Group.

Our core assemblies, also known as the Operational assemblies, are as follows:

  • the Committee for Resolutions (discipline, oversight)
  • the Operational Working Group (operations, communications, IT)
  • the Financial Working Group (finances)
  • the Foundational Committee (supporting the creation of new assemblies)
  • the Activism Society (the combined assembly of the activism assemblies)
  • the Society for Presentation of Policy (the combined assembly of policy & media assemblies)
  • the Media Working Group (the media assembly)
  • the Research Society (the research assembly)
  • the Constituency Society (the combined assembly of constituency, city, and regional assemblies)
  • the Electoral Society (the assembly responsible for carrying out party electoral business)
  • the Library Society (the educational outreach assembly)

Our current advocacy/activism societies are as follows, though new ones can be formed at almost any time by anyone in the Party:

  • the Action AntiApartheid Working Group
  • the Action Cameroon Working Group
  • the Action Yemen Working Group
  • the Anti-Austerity Activism Society
  • the Disability Activism Society
  • the LGBTQIA+ Activism Society
  • the Mutual Aid Society
  • the Mental Health Support Society
  • the Namecheck for Kids Working Group
  • the Neurodivergence Activism Society
  • the Systemic Leverage Working Group
  • the Syndicalist Action Working Group

If you wish to self-nominate for the Secretary role for any of the above, please fill out the form below & the assembly will make a determination on your application as soon as possible.