The Government’s Attack on Our Children’s Future

(issued by Ali Wilkin, interim Harmony Party Media Officer)

Since re-taking control of government in 2010, the Conservative Party have waged an ever-bloodier war on poor people, particularly BAME & GRT people and the LGBTQ community, our elders, the disabled – and our children. Extra funding for schools with disabled children had dropped by 17% by April of last year, and the regimes faux concern about education for the children living in the poorest families (who are also most likely to be disabled or living with a disabled family member) during the pandemic was always skin deep. They do not consider themselves responsible for supporting disabled adults who cannot work, and most certainly extend that same attitude to disabled children.

In that context, and given how obviously weighted the algorithm was, it is impossible to accept the mainstream media analysis that A-Level fiasco was a spectacular blunder on the part of one government minister. No amount of backpedalling can obscure the wider context. Our children should not have to go to court to receive a fair and just exam grade.

How much longer will this government wage war on our children because they don’t have the right postcode or social connections? How much longer will this government wage war on its own citizens?

And how much longer will this country tolerate it?

The Harmony Party have begun a legal fighting fund as we explore the possibility of a legal response to our governments direct assault on children’s futures. And as an open and deliberative democracy, we do not require Party Membership to the open process of discussion toward that end.