The Grand Moot Room Index

This is an index of almost all “official” rooms on the Party Moot. (Unofficial rooms created by Moot members are not listed in this index.)

Geographic Assembly rooms are not listed here as the area is, currently, largely Members-only. The Regional Assembly rooms will however be listed here soon – and are still accessible on the Moot to the general public.

Please also note that Operational work rooms – temp or permanent rooms established for specific tasks by assemblies – are not listed here, but are, again, open to public participation & can be found on the Moot itself.

“General Moot” Room Index

This is the index for the “general” (or “public”) area of the Moot. While operational work rooms do exist in this area, by and large these channels are not operational channels for the Party, instead being communal, or informational.

General Rooms
Room NameWhich is for…
Tech Supporttech support for the whole Moot.
Generalgeneral chat. If you wish to talk politics, use the general politics room please!
General Politicsdiscussing politics.
Mental Health SupportNeed support? There may be people to talk to here. (WIP and strictly voluntary)
Informationinformation about the Party.
Introductionsintroduce yourself here!
Skills Declarationsdeclaration of any useful skills you wish to volunteer to the cause.
Hopesfor the sharing of our hopes & dreams, in direct relation to Harmony and the future of the Party.
Social Media “Whos”for sharing your own social media identities.
News Sharingfor sharing of news articles by Members and Participants.
General Moot: Work Rooms

Work rooms are (sometimes temporary) rooms for specific tasks. They are often associated with a specific assembly (such as the Policy Brainstorm room being associated with the Policy Society), though anyone can participate still; membership is just seen as transient in the associated assembly.

Room NameWhich is for…
Batley & Spen Byelection Decisionacquiring consensus on running a candidate in the upcoming Batley & Spen byelection.
Policy Brainstormproposing and discussing the policies we also discuss in weekly Zoom calls – which can then become Party policy.
Key Phrases: Media Discussionfor development of a library of “key phrases” to use when discussing party consensus in public.

Harmony Operations Moot Index

This index contains all “offical” rooms in this area of the Moot. For rooms started by members, see the index on the left of the interface (swipe from left to right on mobile).

Operational Moot: Operational Assembly rooms

Operational assemblies, via consensus, do the work of developing and carrying out Party processes. They each have a specific remit. (If they grow too large, they subdivide into more focused assemblies.)

Operational Assembly NameMembership TypeThis assembly…
Operational Working GroupJoinin cooperation with the Secretarial Committee, has oversight of comms and party processes. Supports the SC in day to day work.
Financial Working GroupPartywidehas responsibility for financial matters and oversight of the Treasurer.
Activism SocietyPartywideis the gathering of all of the activism societies.
Library SocietyJoinis responsible for developing & maintaining the Party Library.
Research Working GroupJoinis responsible for all research efforts for all other assemblies.
Presentation of Policy SocietyPartywideis responsible for decisions relating to the presentation of policy, often via the member assembly Media Working Group.
Media Working GroupJoinis responsible broadly for all media efforts by the Party.
Policy SocietyPartywideis responsible for forming policy in all areas which are not reserved to an Advocacy Assembly.
Society for ElectionsJoinis responsible for actioning decisions relating to elections, but does not establish those processes.
Foundational SocietyPartywidehelps with the formation of new assemblies.
Operational Moot: Activism Society rooms

Activism Societies are members of the Activism Society. They include assemblies which advocate for specific groups (“advocacy societies”), and activism assemblies which organise for or against specific causes or ideas or events.

Activism Assembly NameThis assembly…
Action AntiApartheidis for organising against Apartheid in the State widely referred to as Israel.
Action Cameroon Societyis for organising in support of comrades in Southern Cameroon.
Action Yemen Societyis for organising against the war in Yemen.
Anti Austerity Activism Societyis for organising against Austerity policies.
Disability Activism Societyis the Advocacy Society for disabled people and disability-related issues.
LGBTQIA+ Activism Societyis the Advocacy Society for LGBTQIA+ people & issues.
Namecheck for Child Carers Working Groupis for organising the currently slow-burn campaign against child labour in the UK.
Neurodivergence Activismis the Advocacy Society for ND-related matters.
Society for Mental Health Supportis responsible for organising intra-party mental health support systems. Work in progress.
Society for Mutual Aidfocused on mutual aid. Will be very involved with the Harmony mutual aid fund.
Syndicalist Action Societyis the Advocacy Society for syndicalism.
Systemic Leverage Societyis the activist society for things like organising protests, petitions, calls for strike action, and so on.
The Rec

The Rec is our downtime area. Kick back, relax, arrange some D&D. Whatever.

RoomThis room is for…
Helpany help you may need with the Rec.
Off Topic Chat“off-topic” chat – ie anything not covered anywhere else. Talk about it enough here and we’ll spawn a new room for it.
The Sundayergathering for a socialist Sunday chitchat.
The Get Spoons Innfor the people who need spoons – & them who are allies, & know what that means.
Gamesgames chat.
TV & Filmfor chatting about TV & films.
Creative Cornerwant to share your creative effort? Go for it.
Foot-the-ballfor discussions of blootering a ball into a cocked snoot. Or football.
Tabletop Roleplaying Gamesfor chitchat about, and arranging of, tabletop roleplaying games.
Musicfor music talk.