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When making decisions, we discuss and debate first. This is the deliberative phase. Sometimes we come to a decision without needing to vote at all.

But when we do need to vote, we use a system called STAR voting, which stands for "score then automatic runoff". STAR is a preferential system that lets us not only know that we're making the choice the Membership wants, but also lets us know how enthusiastic everyone is for that decision - and all of the rejected ones too.

We are a deliberative democracy. We use deliberation, and voting, to establish consensus. Special procedures enable our "assemblies" to come to decisions that contribute to that consensus, and our Membership as a whole can always come together to decide to change direction.

What is?

For another example: the Society for Presentation of Policy and the Media Working Group produce all of our communications with the public - such as this document. We truly are by our members, for our members.

Members can join any Working Group they wish to join, but they're also automatically a member of a number of working groups, called Societies: the Activism Society, their Constituency Society, and the Policy Society. The last of these determines Party policies - democratically, by member engagement.

Our Party is composed of a variety of Working Groups, Committees, and Societies. These are referred to as Assemblies.

What is?

We want to be a place where Left-wing ideas can mix, and the very best - the most workable, the most realistic, and the most compassionate - can be mooted into a manifesto that the British Left could at least in theory wholly, happily unite behind.

We are constitutionally socialist but probably better described as "Left". Our structure actually owes something to ad-hocratic principles found in anarchism; our method of finding consensus - distributed into committees - is of course not alien to democratic approaches to communism or anarcho-syndicalism.

Are you socialist?

We also want to encourage - and support - members and non-members alike on our Moot in pursuing campaigns of "constructive activism" in our and your communities, geared to helping people by the principles of mutual aid and gifting: paying it forward. Socialism in action, we would call it.

If you want a hand in deciding the exact shape of a totally new and wholly democratic Left-wing Party, or get involved in activism in the difficult years between now and the next general election - please: join us, or at least support us if you can.

Members get voting rights, and the ability to take part in Party Assemblies - Working Groups and Committees that govern how the Party operates.

What does membership entail?

the Harmony Party UK media team

Solidarity and love,

If you want to join now, you can do so here.

Membership is at minimum £2 per quarter, but if you have trouble meeting that, it's okay, we have alternatives! Come talk to us. We operate a pay as you like scheme.

Membership is far from required to get involved. Non-members are allowed into meetings under some conditions, and we have a digital portal for members and non-members alike to come together and discuss politics, policy, and campaigns for a better world. That said, we do want you to come build something with us.

How much is membership?