We're unlike any Political Party you are familiar with.

Harmony means consensus. We're led by our Members and Participants. We decide pretty much everything by discussion (and everything else by vote).

We follow the mantra of nothing about you without you. That's why we have an assembly model in the first place: each and every assembly has a purpose.


A simple animation of two people talking.
Without party leaders & central organising committees, we're set up forĀ everyone to have their own say.

After all, none of us can be free until all of us is free.

And none of us can be free until we have a voice.

The action is found on our Discord hub, the Moot, where we talk things out. We act based on the consensus of discussions in our various assemblies, like in the example to the right. Please feel free to come say hi - the Moot is open to all, not just our members!
A complex graphic describing how assemblies work.

Harmony is a collection of groups called assemblies. Sometimes these assemblies are called working groups, and if the assembly is made up of working groups, it's called a committee assembly, or committee for short.

Harmony: a federation of assemblies Anyone can participate in our assemblies, whether a member of the party or not. But only members can vote. Our assemblies allow people to bring together ideas - and make them happen... whether that's by mutual aid, activism, or organising to win elections. Together, a variety of autonomous assemblies form a federation: that federation is the Harmony Party.
As the infographic says, everyone is free to participate. We're not gated. Democracy has to be open and transparent to be fair to all involved, andĀ we are definitely democrats.
Different kinds of assemblies do different kinds of labour & make different kinds of decision - all by consensus. The participants of those assemblies are always the one to make the decisions; there are no "higher bodies" to make demands of them.
Geographical assemblies are the most numerous variety, and they fit within each other, smallest to largest - constituency, city, and regional. Geographical assemblies carry out Selection and form consensus for anything impacting their regions.
How do assemblies make decisions? For simple tasks - just a quick chat suffices. We know what we want and then we set about it! If there's a lot of nuance or complexity, then we organise a structured discussion or series of them to iron out all the parts. If we can't obtain consensus, then we vote!

The same process is followed by all of Harmony's assemblies: talk it out - talk it out some more - if talking it out didn't work, vote!

So far we've actually never had to vote because the hilarious truth is that we all seem to agree a startling amount on what needs to be done to set the world to rights.

The divided Left, eh?

What a lot we are!

Come talk to us on the Discord - or check out our upcoming events below, & come find out exactly how this wild notion of "democracy" really does work.

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