Core Assemblies

AssemblyRemitsSecretary Elected?
the Committee for Resolutionsdiscipline, rules, regulationsno
the Operational Working Grouprules, regulations, processes, communications, supporting the executive work of the Secretarial Committeeyes
the Financial Working GroupParty financial oversight; accounts; Treasurer oversight & logistical supportno
the Foundational Committeesupporting the formation of new Assemblies & evaluating where new Assemblies may be advantageous for the Partyno
the Society for Presentation of Policydeciding strategy & “marketing” for policyno
the Media Working Groupcreating media for internal & external usages; determining tactics for media operations; press relationsno
the Research Working Groupdata collection & collation of all kinds for other Assemblies and the Partyno
the Society for Constructive Activismsyndicalism, education, mutual aid, protest, petitions etcno
the Policy Societies Committeecoordination & support of the Policy Societies (which should also be considered core assemblies, but are too numerous to include!)no
the Constituency Societies Committeepresenting the geographic concerns of the Party; coordination of the Constituency Societies collectivelyno

Anyone can run to be a Secretary either during a declared race for that position, or if the position is already vacant. Applications can be made here.